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June 2011

Seminar, Grading and Evening Meal with First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha EVENT
Evening Meal - Saturday 25th June 2011
Seminar and Grading - Sunday 26th June 2011

For all information and details, please visit:


Ladies Self Defence Lesson EVENT
Redhill Tae Kwon-do would like to invite you to a Ladies Self Defence Class on 23rd June at 8pm. This lesson is open all females - it is not a Tae Kwon-Do lesson! It will only involve a brief warm up and stretch followed by learning some effective self defence techniques. Suitable for any ability level.

Thursday 23rd June | 8pm - 9pm
£5 per person



May 2011

Black Belt Promotions NEWS
Congratulations to Mr Stephen Martinez - V degree, Mr Richard Walford - III degree, and Mr Michael Stanfield - I degree on passing their gradings at the International Seminar weekend in Holland, hosted by Senior Master Hwang Ho Yong - VIII degree.



Burstow Primary School Demonstration EVENT
Thanks to everyone who helped in the Tae Kwon-do demonstration at Burstow School on 21st May 2011. As usual, the event was a great success and we've received a letter of thanks on behalf of the school for our support.



December 2010

Christmas 2010 and New Year Break NEWS
Just to let you all know, our last lesson was tonight (Tuesday 21st December) and we will break for Christmas & New Year and start back at 8pm on Thursday 6th January 2011.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you back at training in the New Year.
Added: 21st December 2010



April 2010

Burstow Primary School Demonstration EVENT
We would like to invite you to attend a Tae Kwon-Do demonstration at the Burstow School Fair on Saturay May 22nd. Redhill Tae Kwon-Do will be demonstrating self defence techniques, patterns and sparring and will be wowing the audience with some brick breaking action!

Saturday May 22nd 2010 | Time 1pm
Burstow Primary School
Wheelers Lane
Added: 21st April 2010


Self Defence Aftermath and Another? NEWS
Many thanks to those who came down for the Self Defence class on the 13th! It was a great session, enjoyed by the instructors and students alike. By popular demand we will be holding another session in due course! If you are interested, please get in touch via our Contact Us page so we can get an idea of numbers so we can book/prepare. Thanks!
Added: 19th April 2010



March 2010

Self Defence Lesson EVENT
Redhill Tae Kwon-Do would like to invite you to a self defence class on the 13th of April from 8pm-10pm. This lesson is open to everyone and anyone who would like to learn how to defend themselves. It is not a Tae Kwon-Do lesson - it will only involve a brief warm up and stretch followed by learning some effective self defence techniques. Suitable for any ability level.

Tuesday 13th April | 8pm - 10pm
£5 per person
Please wear comfortable training clothes
See the Facebook Event for more information


Runners! EVENT
6th Kup George Bateman took part in the Sport Relief Mile in Bristol on Sunday 21st March, completing 6 miles and raising nearly £300 for charity. He is soon to be taking part in the British Military Fitness 10km race on the 27th of March in Nutfield, which involves running through mud and water, over obstacles, under obstacles; all over grueling and treacherous terrain. Not content with that, he's also taking part in Official Bristol 10km race on May 9th.

For more information on these events please visit:
BMF 10k Redhill
Bristol 10k 2010

In other running news, recently promoted Stuart Coppard 1st Dan will be undertaking the Y2Y North Downs Marathon Trek on Sunday 28th March to raise money for the YMCA charity.

Good luck to both of our runners in all their races!
Added: 25th March 2010


New Website & Updated Forum NEWS
It's our pleasure to welcome you to our new improved website! Please have a look around and enjoy it! We have also made some improvements to our forum and invite you to join us there! We will regularly update the site with news such as upcoming events and gradings, promotions, classes and more! Watch this space to be the first to know!
Added: 20th March 2010


New Black Belt NEWS
Congratulations to Stuart Coppard on being awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt by Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha after a grueling 3-day seminar and grading in Glasgow this weekend.
Added: 7th March 2010

stuart coppard 1st degree



February 2010

Tae Kwon-do Row NEWS
Congratulations to those who took part in the 21 mile virtual cross-channel row for charity at the YMCA today! Out of 9 teams that entered, Redhill Tae Kwon-Do came a very respectable second; only missing out on first place by a mere couple of minutes. Winners of the event were Reigate Fire Station. Other teams that took part included the local Mayor's Team, Police on the Pull, Towers Watson, Vines BMW, Fit For Life, YMCA Members, and YMCA Staff. £2500 was raised for charity!
Added: 21st February 2010

rowing team



November 2009

Self Defence Lesson EVENT
Redhill Tae Kwon-Do has the pleasure of inviting you to attend an evening of self defence tuition for all. There will be no fitness training; just practical techniques and advice with hands on practice. It is suitable for complete beginners or seasoned practioners alike.

Tuesday 01 December 2009 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm
£5 per head
Please wear comfortable training clothing.
Join the facebook event here for more information
Added: 20th November 2009